Grief’s Answer to Covid, Controlling Sabotage

Covid-19 restrictions often thwart or undermine our efforts to help others, and many of the consequences run deep and unnoticed. Discover how separation and absence of human connection impact dementia patients and learn how a local organization overcomes social distancing obstacles to serve its elderly and infirmed population. The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin concludes its five-part live stream series with knowledge and inspiration, as Carrie Lindsey and Bethany Coats-Topel from Allay Home Care and Hospice share their remarkable experiences…

Grief’s Answer to Covid, Opportunities

Opportunities for healthful mourning are everywhere, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn to identify your opportunities and create meaningful rituals to facilitate healing through the Covid-19 pandemic. Enjoy part 4 of a five-part live stream series awakening you to the damage caused by our cold response to losses during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how healthy grieving can lead you and your family toward greater meaning and contentment in your lives.

Grief’s Answer to Covid, Grief’s Requirements

Learn the core requirements of healthy grieving and a simple transformational process anyone can use to grow through times of loss. Melissa Minkley and Tom Ginn offer you a valuable combination of tools to use when you're confronted with the pains of loss. As the Co-Founder of Life Empowered Institute, Tom Ginn coaches groups and individuals on how to drive their future toward personal satisfaction and success. Melissa has spent decades coaching and counseling others to successfully navigate through their…


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