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Program Delivery: Group programs are delivered on-site at your location, or online through video conferencing.  We also offer a dual-delivery model, combining traditional live presentations for on-site attendees with live stream delivery for your virtual attendees.

Program Focus/Length:  We offer half-day, full-day and multi-day programs to accommodate group events, team training, and retreats.  We also deliver powerful, keynote speeches and abbreviated presentations to enhance your team training or conference events.   

We offer a wide portfolio of courses and programs and we’re willing tailor them to address the specific needs or interests of your group. 

CE credits/hours are available to help satisfy the attendee’s professional license requirements.

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This well-rounded program is excellent for those looking for a way to organize the chaos of grief and navigate towards deep, meaningful healing.  Learn to guide yourself or the bereaved through grief while growing with hope and optimism.

This program delivers vital insight and guidance to help those whose needs are too often overlooked or neglected.  Learn to identify the signs of compassion fatigue and burnout, and the necessary practices to reverse the patterns and gain greater balance and satisfaction in your vocation or career.

Know the role our bodies play when grieving and discover natural methods to protect and heal ourselves.  Learn to identify symptoms in others to provide them with healthy guidance and relief while they mourn loss.

A meaningful, personal experience uncovering the keys to improving one’s own self-care.  Explore the values and beliefs rooted in your own self-care habits and learn to adopt healthy, balanced, and sustainable self-care into your lifestyle.

Our pinnacle program.  A five-session series for those who wish to companion the bereaved or are already doing so in various capacities.  This in-depth training is exceptionally powerful because it is experiential, guiding one to transform oneself into a companion for the bereaved.

Identify common roadblocks to healing after loss, the threats they pose, and ways to overcome them.

Share probing mind and body techniques to identify self-defeating behaviors, gain mutual awareness with another person, and how to move through them.

Understanding and managing the power differential is crucial to right the relationship with your client, patient or case assignment.  This approach guides you to a deeper understanding and connection with your relationship with power and the impact this has on the professional relationship. 

This is a humanistic, inspiring. and engaging approach to the work of ethical awareness and accountability for self.  This class offers the participant two lenses through which to look; self-care on the inside and the outside of the professional relationship.

The central theme of this class is learning to be with our clients, patients or case assignments in a shared state of presence and building an authentic relationship.  This class is for anyone who wishes to communicate with more skill, clarity, and empathy.

This program trains business leaders, management, or staff to effectively support the bereaved in their organizations while maintaining accountability for work performance.

Understand the importance of ceremonies and rituals and learn how their transformational power can assist the bereaved to mourn their loss and grow toward healing.

This session provides an overview of the grief process as it relates to a medical diagnosis and provides effective ways to honor grief while working to restore one’s sense of wholeness.

A valued time of healing for the bereaved, integrating patterns of the grieving experience with the rhythms and changes of the seasons.  Powerful, genuine, and applicable, this session welcomes all who experience grief or wish to learn more about it.

Bereaved attendees experience the value of using their darkness of grief to discover their brilliance.  This session offers reflection, discussion, journaling, silence, and solitude, and fellowship.

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“The teachers are extremely gifted in sharing these amazing ideas and concepts, but the most valuable part of the training was the change in me." ​
Debbie/Social Worker
Social Worker


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