Restore Your Suffering Body

Know the role your body plays when grieving a loss and discover natural methods to protect and heal ourselves.

Learn how to identify symptoms in yourself and in others to provide healthy guidance and relief while mourning a loss. 


Restore Your Suffering Body

Know the role played by our bodies when grieving and discover natural methods to protect and heal ourselves.

Learn how to identify symptoms in others to provide them with healthy direction and relief while they mourn a loss. 

Program Description

The many stressors of grief add a burden to the body and can further darken a person’s grieving experience.  Feelings of tension, pain, breathing difficulty, and fatigue can become chronic while our internal organs suffer from strain and exertion.  Short-term conditions can grow to become long term ailments.

Our bodies contribute to the pain of grief, but they can remarkably lead us through our healing too.

This experiential learning program provides an understanding of the mind-body connection and its influential role in grief. It offers insight into the language of our body as a partner to improve one’s health, wellness, and healing after loss.

This training is unique, insightful, and crucially important, rewarding attendees with the knowledge to greatly improve their health and wellness when they most need it.  It also provides one with a distinct knowledge to aid someone experiencing a painful journey of grief.

This program is excellent for anyone interested in reducing the negative physical impact of stress, anxiety, and grief in their life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Awareness of the mind-body connection when mourning a loss and how it can harm or heal.
  • To identify and experience the language of the body as it sends valuable signals and information.
  • Discover ways to explore the inner terrain of one’s body as it responds to the strain of grief.
  • Put into practice stillness, mindfulness, and deep breathing to help guide yourself and the bereaved through the challenges of grief.
  • Acquire specific techniques to reverse the negative effects stress and anxiety impose on your body.
  • Recognize and practice the transforming power of AND…
  • Learn body-centered, self-care exercises that nourish and restore your body.


This Program is Delivered via ZOOM. 

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Delivered on-site at your location, online via ZOOM, or using a hybrid on-site/virtual model. 

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