Kathy Ginn
Creative Force - Programming

For nearly 30 years Kathy has been active in the field of Massage Therapy, Transformational bodywork and education. She offers bodywork in the spirit of Hakomi; a body-centered approach to healing and transformation. Kathy is also a certified End of Life Care Doula, where she companions those at end of life.

Kathy serves as a teacher and mentor within her profession, teaching a portfolio of courses in Ethics, Inner Leadership, and the Art of Being a Healing Presence. She is the creative force behind 4 Rivers Center for Well Being in Oconomowoc, WI, and is co-founder of Life Empowered Institute. Her healing work flows from the spirit of love and service and is evident in her presentation. 

Kathy’s life path has been shaped by curiosity, asking the deeper questions and seeking to understand herself and her purpose in life. The experience of being with her parents at end of life and her personal grief journey that followed inspired her to companion others as they journey through grief. This path led her to join partnership with Melissa Minkley and Daryl Powers – offering grief training and support in a holistic way!

A native of Oconomowoc, WI, Kathy returned home in 2013 after spending much of her career in San Francisco, Albuquerque, and Madison, Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the Honoring Grief … Intending to Heal training program, and is both a facilitator and Creative Force with The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin.

Kathy lives a quiet life with her husband Tom and enjoys hiking, yoga, nature, reading, quiet and solitude.

“My best days are when I am able to serve others with the gifts I have been given!”

The Grief Center of Wisconsin: Kathy Ginn