Grief Companion Sessions

Grief companioning offers the true willingness to being present with another person’s experience.  The pearl of our offering is to “be with” you, in the here and now, with deep listening presence and humility.. 

Our sessions will provide you a safe space to give voice to your feelings, share your stories, and navigate through grief at your own pace.


Service Description

When we lose someone we love, we often feel scared, alone, shaken, anxious, and confused.  It takes a true commitment to heal our grief, and to heal our grief is to become whole again.  Healing through grief takes time and the support of others and sharing your journey with an experienced grief companion can be invaluable.

Our sessions provide you a safe space to give voice to your feelings, share your stories, and feel heard, seen and authentically supported.  Grief companioning is especially helpful for those experiencing a loss due to death, divorce, job change, diagnosis of advanced illness, anticipatory grief, caregiver grief or simply missing ourselves.

Grief Companion sessions are offered as a standalone service, either in person or online, and can be integrated with other body-centered bereavement services through The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin.

About Your Grief Companion

Kathy Ginn serves as a teacher and mentors within her profession, teaching a portfolio of courses in Ethics, Inner Leadership, and the Art of Being a Healing Presence.

“Following is my invitation to everyone I work with; “All of you is welcome here. I welcome your fear, your confusion, your anger …I welcome all of you!”

Together we will honor your journey as I meet you where you are, and gently facilitate your continuing search for meaning and purpose. Supporting others in grief nourishes my soul. It is an honor to walk with you on this most intimate journey.”

The Grief Center of Wisconsin: Kathy Ginn

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