Our Focus

The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin was created to teach people how to better support another person during one of the hardest times in their life: mourning the loss of a loved one.

Our approach is not about assessment, analyzing, fixing, or resolving another’s grief.  Instead, it’s about making a difference in the lives of others by being truly present in a way that is healing, nourishing and empowering. We recognize the wholeness of one’s body, mind, heart, and soul.

Our focus is to help professionals and volunteers improve resilience, balance, confidence, and optimism while supporting others through their grief journey, always being mindful that:

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one is a natural and necessary experience in our lives.
  • People bond together through mutual purpose, understanding, and empathy.
  • It’s important to share our stories of growth and success, our stumbles and missteps, and even our failures.
  • Compassion fatigue and burnout is real and our lifestyle must promote a healthy, holistic practice.
  • It is a privilege to hold presence with someone during their darkest moments of life, and it benefits from knowledge, training, and rehearsal.
“I was looking for a way to release some of the grief that was weighing so heavily on me. I had no idea that the work would be so much deeper. I now feel my light shine like never before!”
Liesa H.
Program Participant

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The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin

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