Daryl Powers

As founder of The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin, Daryl promises to highlight the humanity of grief surrounding us every day in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities, and promote each person’s ability and duty to support another in their journey.

Daryl’s lived, loved and grown through grief and recognizes the rugged battles people endure when mourning loss in our busy world.  His comfortable and sincere approach is refreshing as he openly shares stories of success, failure, and the messes that exist in-between. 

In his recent book, The Lies Cancer Told Me: A Journey Toward Truth, Daryl exposes some of the dark quarters of grief often experienced by many, while weaving a path to a bright and rewarding future.

He has led presentations and workshops for small groups and Fortune 500 customers, and audiences find reward through his experience and inspiration.

A native born of southeastern Wisconsin and a graduate of Marquette University, Daryl spent more than 20 years supporting nationally known companies, while building corporate teams and raising his family.

“Grieving death is a natural, necessary, and common part of our lives”, says Daryl. “Caring for another person’s soul in the deepest depths of their grief is one of the greatest gifts one can offer another human being.”

The Grief Center of Wisconsin: Daryl Powers